Sunday, April 29, 2012

DeCluttering @ Home

Well.. I took annual leave for yesterday and today.. Tomorrow is a publuc holiday. And I spend the two day doing decluttering job at home.

Phew.. As weekend wife, I got lotsa things to do but not enough time. These two days are hectic. I must say I have the deepest respect for the housewife such as my mom. You might think that who bring the money home should have the higher respect, but I beg to differ.. Moms' works are 24 hours.

Fuhhh.. These two days are making m e real tired. I think I need hired help :P

P/s .. An amusing note.. Found a bagful of hubby clothes and things. See we sometimes do bought things.. Put it aside and forget about it.. Wastefull.. Am putting these on the open so I can remind him not to buy anymore.

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