Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Villa Daniala Bachok Again

Was here about 2 weeks ago, and here again for a retreat.

What can I comment about Villa Daniala? Well, it is certainly unique, out of the box sort of resort. If you like big spacious bath, high ceiling, sexy room aka top to bottom jz window, Villa Daniala is definitely the one to go.

Very nice view as it sat just besides the beach, nice pool, big spa room, horseriding to those who are kin.

The owner is impressive too! Dato' Siti Hamidah is a modern Kelantan lady. Previously of Time dot Com, she came back to Kelantan establishing her room.

The food served here is mostly ala kampung. Definitely a Malaysia kitchen stuffs as she sometimes employs the old lady around the villa to prepare the Kelantan delicacies.

Have to say though, Villa Daniala definitely need to upgrade her maintenance a bit currently. However, did hear that there will be major upgrading exercise. Good luck Villa Daniala, think you are definitely able to shine brightly again!

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