Friday, March 1, 2013

Bayu Marina JB

Well, I was hoping my JB journey would be from a Samsung Tab I bought online a week ago, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Dunno, my tab hasn't arrived. That online store is gonna get a bad review from me!

Well, due to the kiddies, hubby who is really has a soft heart bought us to JB for Legoland. It was a long journey as from Kerteh to JB took us about 9 hours. Very sore backside, I gotta tell you.

Bought my mom and younger bro too, so we are staying at an apartment hotel, very newly open, Bayu Marina, built alongside a river.

We booked via Gotta tell you we really got a fantastic rate, even lower than what I got as a government servant. We got a two room duplex. As you can see from the pic, hubby resting in the living room, just after the curtain would be 2 single beds and a balcony.. Behind me would be the small kitchenette, bath and dining. On the right, is the stairs to another bedroom with a big bed, a bath and a medium size foyer with two chairs. Hurmm.. Just only one tv tho with limited channel, I would suggest they should provide a cartoon channel for the tv.

They put us on the 10 floor with the view of the river7, and the big main swimming pool and kiddies pool, as well as child's playground on the 9th floor. Hasn't explored all these yet but based on the review, all look positive.

Its dawn now. Kiddies are still sleeping. Just a few short hours from Legoland, yippeeee :)

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