Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exora in Da Houz..

Think the happiest when Exora is home, definitely would be Kimi n Haikal.

Now both would have their own seat. At the back of the car, with clear view of the DVD. I can imagine their excitement to settle down tonight during our half way journey to JB.. Kerteh to Segamat would take around 4 hours. Then we will be staying at KopTown hotel. Kinda like budget hotel nowadays than actual hotel because they are newer, good new beds, cheaper, better tv as well wifi. Like KopTown is offering RM88 per room with 1 breakfast. The only downside of budget hotels everywhere is some rooms do not have window so a bit stuffy.

Anyway, haven't seen my Exora in person yet. Will do a review tomorrow when I had an actual physical experience on it.

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