Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celcom... Problem with Auto Data Update Pay per Usa Charge

Got in trouble with Celcom pay per use auto data when the phone automatically updated my non internet sim into internet usage...

Last time I was charged the max RM300... as the phone update automatically. . I managed to convince celcom to waive with the condition to change to internet data. It happen again this time round when I expected celcom to change my plan to min data and they didn't.  Ran up to RM196 this time round.

Really fed up but as that no connect to hubby.. so I jz let it go. Bet I can get it waive this round too as they said they will upgrade but didnt.

So... I went out and bought a basic nokia phone for RM100... last resort to ensure no data get charged by celcom again. Besides.. perhaps better as the hp battery should last forever.

Am transferring all pic from the BB now. So.. last word.. be very carefull when putting non Internet sims into smartphone.  You might be like me.. being charged rm300 plus for jz a night. Heard it used to run to thousands before people start complaining to celcom hence the max cap. A nuisance!

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