Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Year Plus with My Exora

Well, a picture paints a thousand words.. haha.. I guess you can say that we are very satisfied with our Exora.
The kiddies definitely with the DVD system, the back seats is the preferred choice. For long distance journey, it would be packed with pillows and travel blankie. Tho we definitely recommend one at the last seat and another for the front passenger seat for luxurious sleep in the Exora.
Me and my Hannah would be in the middle seat, definitely very comfy esp when Hannah had her nap, and the boys sleeping.. I would have majority call on what to watch on the DVD much to designated driver's aka hubby's annoyance, hahaha sorry Yang...
Hannah love the middle divider arm rest and treat it as her special seat. It is a big flimsy tho.. I wouldn't advise heavy load or big boy's to sit on it tho.. perhaps for 3 year old and below should be fine.
Mine now clocks nearly 30K.. need to get it serviced perhaps this Saturday.. hehe.. well, since we had it starting 29/5/2013 i.e. just a year plus of ownership... well, it is well travelled. The kiddies love it and it is the preferred travel choice, surpassing hubby's Sorento.. whom aim to get an entertainment system to be installed in so that the kiddies would love it too.. but it is just the spaciousness of my Exora that wins hands down.
Overall, I am well satisfied with my Exora, well haters would be haters but I just love mine. It is my daily commute to work and weekly commute to kampong (I am a PJJ mom and wifey) so definely 30km*4 (Work - Bukit Payung) plus 115km*2 (for Kerteh-KT) = minimum 350 km weekly clock in my Exora...
Love you Exora ;)

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