Monday, September 1, 2008

Merdeka!! Malaysia Independence - 31st August 1957

Happy 51st Merdeka Day!!!!

Well, it has been 51 years since Malaysia gained her independence. Tanah Melayu as it was known then attracted many foreign powers due to the fertility of its land and also abundance of resources such as iron, tin, gold etc. Malaysia and its state have been occupied by the Portugese, British, Japanese and Thais.

As I was born in 1975, I haven't been unfortunate enough to know about the sufferring of Malaysian people during these occupations. Horror stories have been told especially during the Japanese occupation of Malaya people being potong kepara (beheaded).. have to eat tapioca as staple because rice, and other food were scarce and the duit daun pisang (banana leaf money) which was valueless as Japanese keep printing the money without any collateral. Last and most horrifying was of course the shipping of Malaya people to build the railway - a futile exercise that left thousand death.

When I see news of political unstability in Thailand, the ongoing fractions of the Palestinian and the Israelies, Iran, Iraq.. I feel really sad. I hope Malaysia remains stable politically and economicaly.

I have been blessed staying in this country, which give me ample opportunities.. Thank you Malaysia, I love you!

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