Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Story - How Does Kerteh Derives Its Name??

In the pic, Kimi striked a perfect elephant pose, my mum and sis at the beach of Kuala Kerteh.

I am amused on the previous entry on how places got it names.

Here I would like to add on how Kerteh got its name.

It seems that a long long time ago, Kerteh is a small, sleepy fishermen village. They build huts using bamboo and the nipah leaves as the roof. They are soo poor but alas.. as poor as, they have been bombarded with monkeys that would come and steal food from their kitchen...

The incidents where housewifes shooing off those cheecky buggers.. i.e. shouting Kera Teh... (This pesky monkey).. which when shorten becomes Kerteh.. ha ha ha...

Funny?? Yes.. I thought so as well, but that was the story I saw when I read my dad's report (he was a policeman before he retired) on the origin of Kerteh...

So, now you know the origin of the name Kerteh.. my favourite town!

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