Saturday, April 4, 2009

EMBA 740 : Human Resource Management

Hmm I have finished my test and just another week for final HRM exam and group presentation, this time we'll focus on retention rate on Bank Islam's employee before yes! Another subject is completed!!!!!!

First of all, need to introduce our lecturer, Dr. Radiah of UiTM Shah Alam. Here some of the classmates asking for pointers for our assignments :)

A clearer picture of the good Dr.

Hmm for most of the subjects, we usually only have a book.. but in HR we need two.. along with the usual text, we have to buy the IR or easy to say the law book on HRM in Malaysia, here there are, 1 in pristine condition, the other not so.. hahahhaha.. all and all RM108 for the two books..

After the test, we had an impromtu birthday celebration for the "April Fool" babies..

Guess the birthday boys were not soo keen to be labelled "babies" anymore hehehehe.... anyway, thanks guys! and Jannah for the cake! Yummy!!!

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