Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pahang - Impiana Cherating Resort

Hmmm this is a bit late entry, went there in Nov 2008.. and the busy-ness of the office launch in Jan make me forgot to ever put it up.. ah well, better late then never eh????

Welcome.. welcome... hmmm sad to say that there'll be one end of this month to Redang Island, but I wont be joing in sob.. sob.. got jobs to do in the office so have to pass.

Kimi waiting patiently for his part of the telematch - candy grabssss!!!!

Rustic bedroom. The blind was still visible at night i.e. people can still see inside the room when the light was on.. so beware private moments :P

All have seaside views.


Romantic bedroom view.

Jumping in the pool after the telematch.

Afterwards was the BBQ dinner.. lots of food... fish, crabs, squid yumm yummm... fried rice etc etc.. along with the singing, there was also the lucky number of which I was never lucky thus nothing for me and family :( ..

Breakfast time.. nice ambiance....

Some food of our many trips to the breakfast buffet.. the village coffee was not bad!

The rest of the day was lazy and easy so we just walked round the hotel compound, take pics and have pleasantly lazy lazy day....

The pool... refreshing dips..

Perfect pic opportunity .. the sampan or malay boat usually used by the local fisherman, here diaplayed near the pool for perfect pics poses...

Kimi playing with the kelambu or mosquito net.

Kimi, my mum and younger sis Nija.

Last and not least, lunchtime before dispersion time.

Nyum nyummm...

Kimi and the goodies for the kiddies :)

Bye bye Cherating!!!!!! Until next time.

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