Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jertih - Nasi Ayam / Chicken Rice @ RM1.90 Only???!!!!

Today I had to go to Besut to deliver a presentation for one of the chamber of commerce members there. Besut is actually well known as one of the port of departure for Redang Island but this time I want to highlight the existence of a RM1.90 nasi ayam or chicken rice!

Unbelievable??? Believe it!!!!

Hehehe... usually even in Kuala Terengganu the chicken rice would cost around RM3.50 and in Pasar Malam or Night Market it would cost about RM2.50 - RM3.00 so when we saw the banner stating Nasi Ayam for RM1.90, we decided to try it to see does it worth the value????? Also, since our lunchtime from the Seminar has finished (due to the number of participants were more than the food ordered) well.. seems like trying out the nasi ayam seemed pre destined. :)

The banner that caught our attention during our drive to the seminar. Need to try.. need to try....

Nasi Ayam and all the condiments.

Snap of the notice board.. economy package for the nasi ayam and one cold drink or either syrup or ice tea just for RM3.00. Hmmm.. I had one of the jeruk mangga or picked manggo there as well to take home.. yummmm only for RM3.00.....

The meal.. not bad and I think the portion is at least 90% of the RM3.50 version. Not bad at all.. Even the syrup has biji selasih (dont know the English name for that) rathen than just plain syrup. I have no complaints against this set. I had the tiga rasa chicken and my MIDA colleague had the Masak Merah version. I think to fully enjoy the sambal or chilli, maybe the plain RM1.90 fried chicken version is better. ANyway, for two set meals, a pulut tapai, a coconut jelly and my jeruk mangga cost me just RM10.40. MOney well spent.. Yumm...

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