Thursday, November 19, 2009

EMBA - Seminar Raja Lelong

What I like most about EMBA this sem is that we have the opportunity to conduct a seminar. Well being a MATRADE officer, I have actually been tasked to dom lots of seminar before this.. so it's nothing new to me.. but organising it with friends makes it more enjoable... heaps more....

The preparation.

As it was part of our assesment for MIS ... 20% of final mark, our subject was on E-Commerce... just from the backyard i.e. Petronas... we had Mr. Eruwan Gerry Norsen.. the Lelong King of Malaysia... it was very impressive seing that somebody from engineering background is able to generate mountainous passive income via the internet... huhu I am jealous...

Full house!!!! Yeay :)

We had lots of question from the participants as making money from the internet will a;ways be an interesting subject. Hehe.. seems that I need to dig out books I've purchased (but yet to read) on the subject hehe... seeing even my Adsense account only generate mr $6.55 after a year and a hal of blogging hehe... :P

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