Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terengganu - Hutan Lipur Cemerung

One of the best waterfall in Terengganu is the Cemerung Waterfall.. others would include the Sekayu waterfall.. or even in my backyard... Air Terjun Menderu...

In road.

Cemerung Waterfall is about 30 km of Bandar Dungun.. it is easily accessible using the Jerangau-Jabor road before driving a few km inroads.It is also quite near to Bumbung Raja, another tourist attraction.. no waterfalls there though but shallow river.. nice for swimming and also languishing around (a bit like my kampung or village near Kuala Berang but that's another post :)..

No need to worry about bringing in food, there's plenty of hawkers selling finger food such as nuggets.. fishballs.. crabstick and the compulsory keropok lekor for the holidaymakers. I believe most of the tourists are locals but as it is quite easily accessible, maybe outside visitors might like to take a dip there. It is quite nice as the local authority recently did upgrading of the facilities so the toilets... changing rooms.. madrasah are all quite new and most importantly CLEAN..

Hubby and Kimi on the way in.

A closer look at Chemerung attractions.

Going in.. only at the bottom of the attractions as my stomach as BIG then... hehe... still.. need to be moderately active should visitors would like to reach the top level..

The view from out spot among the refreshing river and cool stones... and a few fishes pecking our feet for leftover food...

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