Saturday, January 16, 2010

EMBA - GBI795 Global Bussiness Issues

Hmmmm.. time really flies and I am now in my fourth semester.. elated in a way cz just 3 more subject to go and about 4 months before my study finishes but apprehensive as well.. cz we haven't really done our ABR preparation AS YET!!!!

The deceptively looking taxtbook "Making Globalization Work" Joseph E Stigliz RM45.00

Our extremely knowledgable lecturer.. Dr. Asry..

Actually I quite like the subject.. it is interesting to note that 60% of the world population controls 6% of the world economy.. whilst 40% of the worlds controlled 94% of the world's economy.. no wonder that there are hugh gaps between rich countries and poor countries.. I've also developed a respect for Mr. Muhamad Yunos.. the CEO of Grameen Bank who define the phase Social Bussiness as opposed to abundantly available as well as sometime shifty Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).. another interesting tidbits is that some part of the world will be submerged in not so distant future due to the melting of Artic / Antartic bz we haven't really taken care of our mother nature .. HORROR!!!

Hmmm... though a bit scary.. I am also interested in our lecturer's method of teaching in which I would say he was grooming us for VIVA practices i.e. we need to present topics in the syllybus without AVA helps.. write some "without plagiarism" academic paper... as well as internal intellectual forum and seminar.. al notwithstanding the fact that he is a bit stringent in giving students As.. yikes.. there goes my aim to get at least 2As this sem... huhuhu.. wish me luck!!!

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