Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decluttering Again...

Its amazing the thing I managed to chuck out.. Still a long way to go but I believe I had started seeing progress.. 3 years of accumulation..

Most of em are papers.. Newspaper, journals and assignments from my EMBA days (dun't need them anymore cz I got my harddisks now).. Also had some old shoes I don't feel like throwing away (but now am chucking them out like there's no tomorrow except one good pair).. Got some bags as well, dun't think I have the heart to throw em yet but I think that I need to invest in one good one.. Perhaps a leather bag so that I won't buy one again in a loooooooong while. Even the one I bought in Bintulu (around before puasa perhaps in June) had started fraying.. I am not a bag person so I am quite tough with my bags.. Hmmm... Definitely need to buy one at least from Cosmopal.. Even tho they don't have the branding yet, they are genuine leather..

Even you can see there one pack of slimming pils.. I don't even remembered their existance and they had expired around a year ago.. Yikes! I just remember I did bought another one before these Ayurslim pills I bought last weekend.. Double Yikes!!! Better be reminded next time Ojah.. NO MORE WASTAGE!!!!!

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