Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Current Fav Spot of the House

A few weeks ago, on impulse, I bought a set of teak (jati) furniture for the patio.. It kinda bare so I thought of buying natural teak furniture but those more artistically designed.

Found a workshop in Kelantan with value for money prices but they don't provide transport.. Hurm.. A tad dissapointed so that's why when I saw these at a promotion in Mesra Mall for RM999, I immediately snapped them up. In retrospective, think I could get them cheaper elsewhere.. Hurmmm..

So far, it has been useful, we conducted a BBQ there on the seats' first few night at our home.. Afternoon tea sessions with keropok lekor as the main meal.. As well as nightly chat with dear hubby when the wheather is hot and balmy.. Especially now is the dry season for Malaysia..

The patio still look bare, thinks of buying an aquarium for that soothing sound.. As well as decorating the back part with our two traditional mesin getah as well as the old batu pengisar (blender? For mashing the rice into fine flour).. Hurmm.. Its gonna be a nice project as well as focal point for whomever deign to visit us I think :)

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