Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alone on Wesak Day

So... Here I am.. Alone on Wesak Day in KB.. Am waiting for 9am to go down from breakfast.. Then some confirmation with Riverview for the other two night stay...

If I stay at the hotel.. I would sleep the day away.. So am thinking around 1030, I need to go round KB..

As I am expected to go for training in Taiwan, need to buy some supplies..
1) A smart jacket for work.. If not I just use my usual coat
2) A sandal
3) Pregnancy pant
4) A blouse.. Need a red one for "events" in KB..
5) A kain ela.. For a new baju kurung for my Kuantan event end this month as well as reusable for my Taiwan trip afterwards..

Perhaps a short trip to Mama Baby shop I saw on my way back to hotel yesterday for another shopping trip.. Bought a new handbag.. Usual stuff @ RM119 (20% discount after the original price of RM139).. Goes down to RM10 per month. Hankering for some branded stuff but I think I will persevere for another year :P)..

But if possible, I do not feel keen at all to walk all around KB.. But I don't feel like sleeping all tge day today...

Hurmm.. Jalan slow2 jek lerrr..

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