Saturday, June 2, 2012

From Kuantan to KLIA

Haven't been posting much tho I have been all round KB - KL - Seremban and back home to Kerteh again.

Only tonight I got a bit of a breather.. Going again to KL for a trip to Taiwan starting tomorrow morning... So now I am in Kuantan Airport waiting for my flight at 7.10 pm. As I think I will be doing nothing most of the journey, I hope I will be a lil bit more active posting for the next fornight.

Ok.. We will talk first about Malaysian Airlines service.. I got no complaints against them:-
1) My bag got jammed at check-in.. The staff is friendly enuff to file a complaint form tho I am not bothered esp I am going to Taiwan early tomorrow morning.. No time man!
2) My protruding stomach is catching the staffs eyes nowadays.. 2 days ago, Firefly on the way to KT.. And now today :P.. As I am still early around 5 months, I am allowed to travel tho I should've get the doctor's clearence form to fly (Hehe.. Too busy for that).. However, they both had asked me to sign imdemnity for which I have no prob to sign..
3) Well, lastly, think the toilets at the airport need revamping.. Even in the departure hall is is filthy.. From 3 only 1 is usable.. Malaysian should be more civic minded in the usage of public amenities such as the public toilet.

Hmm.. Ok that's it before I am on board, hopefully I won't be too tired to write a review on Concorde KLIA tonight.

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