Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Exora Climbing Up Genting

Seems hubby still loves to test the Exora.. last Friday around 12 pm we went for a Genting trip.. thought to stay up there, but all the hotels were fully book, so went down to KL for dinner and sleep then at 9 o'clock Saturday started back to Kerteh, hehe what a crazy trip :)

 Hurmm... the fuel indicator is there cz I forgot to refuel at Temerloh R&R when the fuel indicator is stating we have only up to 58 km of fuel.. hubby is happy to give me hard time on it cz I blabber to him as he forgot to fuel up during our Johor trip earlier heheh.. Anyway, when indicator neared the 50 km marks, had to use the Trip button indicator as apparently Exora fuel indicator won't show the mileage below 50 km.. Had quite a tense time as hubby teased me from when the Exora fuel indicator number vanished til we stop at PETRONAS Karak to fuel up, I believe around that time, estimated fuel left would be around 7 - 8 km only heheh :P

Anyway, so we fuelled up to the max, around RM100 and mileage shown when full was 613 km, pheww...

Sorry for the blurry pics, with Hannah harness in from on me like a baby Kangaroo, cant really be a good photographer. Well, think Exora CFE performed beautifully climbing Genting.. of course its not as powerful as hubby's Kia Sorento but its not so bad. It can climb and even overtake others. I even saw an Exora CPS climbing up at ease.. so not so bad. So, this put out the myth that some forumers says that Exora puttered out when climbing Genting.

Yeay! Exora pass the test again. Thinking of climbing the Cameron and off to Penang next :)

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