Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exora Fuel Consumption

Fuelling up at Petronas Bandar Baru yesterday.. Half a tank at RM50 gives est 320 km. Full tank would be around 640.

That would mean:-
A trip from Kerteh - Bt Payung (my weekend home) 100 km
B.Payung - KT 5 days a week.. 20@2@5: 200 km..
Bt Payung Kerteh again 100km
That'll be 400 km..

Balance 240.. A trip to KT and another around 3 days to work.. So for me, a full tank RM100 would mean 1.5 weeks usage. Not bad I'll say. For me, using gas guzzling old Sportage and a bit economical 1.8cc old Peugout, its not so bad.

Ooo.. And I am only using RON95.. Its cheaper and also unleaded, just what Exora need unleaded fuel. Don't think I want to spend Ron97 for the Exora.

Think hubby enjoy the driving experiance of Exora too. Been hinting about going to KL before fasting months start. I am not so keen, being an avid traveller myself due to work.. But, why not eh?! :)

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