Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One World Hotel & One Utama Shopping Complex

I went to KL for the New Year.. hehehe.. abit of drama cz my son Kimi at first didn't want to go and throw a huge tantrum. So we can only start our journey around 11 and arrived there at nearly four. A bit late but ok cz One World's check in time is about 3 pm. Had a good time shopping cz hubby got RM2K free voucher for Jusco so... hahahaha Megasales! Here we come!!!

Anyway, the usual rate for One World is about RM380... but being government rate with only one breakfast at RM245.. but add on hubby breakfast at RM38, my charges were about RM330...

Kimi and his favourite hobby of jumping on beds.

Welcoming fruit basket.

Goodies on sales. Only the mineral water and coffee/tea set are complimentary.

Nice bathroom. Kimi really enjoyed the bathtub.

Nice lcd TV with interactive menu, can purchase movies, games etc along with the free TVs of RTM and such, HBO and Vision Four.

Hungry for fooddddddd...... This is at One Utama's Food Court. Had the Nyonya Set for Two at about RM19.00. Yummy asam pedas.. yumm...

Kimi and his steamroll.. Hahahaha.. bought him a Tonka one as well. No pics of us shopping cz to busy shopping to snap pics ;D

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