Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Terengganu - Taman Temadun Islam @ Islamic Civilisation Park

Well, I had an entry a few months ago on Masjid Kristal or the Crystal Mosque. Anyway, for the first time I have been fortunate enough to go round to visiting Taman Temadun Islam yesterday for the Awal Muharram holiday. The fee is RM10 for adults (discount to those above 60s) and RM5 for children (6 years to 2 if I am not mistaken). Our small group consist of my mum, Kimi and myself. We started at around Asar 4.30 and even after 2 hours we still skipped a few places as well as go express among some others. As a whole, I enjoy the visit, it is informative. Really appreciate the Kaabah and also the Mosque of Rock. They have videorama so that you'll have a place to relaxed with the nice air conditioning, as well as gain knowledge from the video shown about some of the selected place.

More information: http://www.tti.com.my/

Post some pics for your enjoyment. Think I don't have to blabber much cz the beauty of the miniature as well as its history speaks for themselves. Have to pardon Kimi as he is at the stage where he greatly admire Ultraman.

After all the walking, Kimi was blissful after being allowed to play at the playground. Hmmm... cz not many people around, he really enjoyed himself having the playground for himself.

Ooo.. have to note, after you pay the entrance fee, you are given some sort of passport book containing information on the miniature mosques available. For second and third visit, just bring the passpost and you will be entittled to further discount in the cafe as well as the souvenior shop. Oh.. with the entrance fee there are also RM3 coupon for the cafe.. quite useful for a glass of iced Milo after all the calories burnt walking around!

Wassalam TTI. Hope to visit you again!

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