Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sales! Noor Arfa Batek

Hahahah.. a bit to make you guys out there jealous a bit!

I actually went to Noor Arfa for a bit of touring for a colleagues from KL. Imagine our delights when we saw that Noor Arfa in on SALE! MEGA SALES! to be exact.. Discount from 10%, 30% or more than 50%.

So, a bit to display what I bought. The orange colour is actually ladies batik shirt, normally retailed at RM279, got it for RM99.. the purple is for baju, worth RM 299 .. got it for RM 209 and the pink is caftan for my mum's birthday pressies, worth RM49 got it for RM30++.. My collegue bought a baju (chiffon and silk) normally retailed at RM599, at RM180.. wow.. $$ well spend I said. As the sales is on till 4 Jan, will be there again with my mum during the Awal Muharram Holiday!

For more information on Noor Arfa and it sales, link: http://www.noor-arfa.com.my/

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