Sunday, March 22, 2009

Malacca - A Famosa Resort

Actually this trip is a while back, around 29 - 31 JAnuary right after the states directors meeting with Mr J, our big boss. I think the timing is strategic but more convinient to the directors posted to Sabah and Sarawak wanting to go back to our home in Peninsular Malaysia, but for me it is a bit of a burden, cz I am already at my kampung (hometown) and would just prefer to stay home... having a lovely loooong weekend.

Anyway, still I had to go, so cz of the loooong holiday, thought I bought my mum, my lil bro and Kimi to camp out at my sis, and she was thoughtful enough to treat us to A'Famosa, she treat us with the apartment but alas.. the money to go to the waterpark was on me.. wowwweee.. expansive, bought the ticket for the waterpark and the cowboy town... RM60+++ each!! Oh welll...

Anybody interested to go there can get more onfo on

As usual, pics told a thousand words...

First thing first, have to go to the Curve the Ikea potion. Kimi had a nice time riding the mechanical animal... hahaha asked my lil bro Hazman aka Jemang to chase him around.

Lunch at Kopitiam, quite nice but having been living in Kuala Terengganu, near RM50 for a meal for 3 people of nasi lemak, meehon, coffee and toast seems a bit steep :)..

On our way in. We arrived quite early so got good parking spot!

Kimi and the floats. Bought it outside at around RM8. Same float sold at the premise at 3 times the price outside!!

We found a shady spot at the kiddies side of the waterpark and spend majority of the time lounging there.

The overall park layout.

Mum, Kimi and Jemang. Hmmm to think Jemang was as small as Kimi just a few years ago.. time flies!

The apartment courtesy of my sis. Got some units that are empty. Think that might be because of time shares. Lots of birds as well making nest in the empty apartment. On the last day, me and Jemang (I was afraid to go on my own) went to the top of the building.. there are some renovation going on but I can imagine that the apartments on top were unoccupied for quite some time, spooky.

View from our balcony. The pool is quite nice, suitable for dip ins if you are still not satisfied from the waterpark.

Mum, Kimi & Sis. Kimi got quite a hankering to "tido umah tinggi" aka sleep in hi rise hotel.. hmmm...

The sparklers after the show ended.
Waiting for the show to start, Kimi with his Iguana... which he already envision to become raksaksa (monster) to his ultraman :)

The Indian and Cowboys..

Some of the animals. These are the tigers.. some goats and even chicken. I like the orang utan...

The performer end parade with the train.

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