Monday, March 23, 2009

Melaka - Makam Dol Said, Malay Warrior (Al Fatihah)

As we headed out of the A Famosa going to the toll road for our day trip to Malacca, we noticed a sign saying Makam Dol Said, 18 km or so away.. why not eh? Cz we do not have strict schedule anyway, we decided to drive down to the makam or grave...

An extract from Wikepedia on Dol Said for the history buffs:

Dol Said or in full Dato' Abdul Said was a 19th century Malay leader of an area called Naning, which was then part of Malacca on the Malay Peninsula. He opposed taxation by the British's taxation policy in the area and refused to pay it. This was a direct cause of a conflict known as the Naning War.

Dol Said's defiance led the British to send 150 soldiers in July 15th 1831 to capture Naning led by Captain Wyllie. Naning however successfully defended itself-guerrilla style- with aid from other Malay allies, which includes Seri Menanti, Sungai Ujong, Johol and Muar. The British realised that Naning can't easily be attacked, so British requested reinforcement from Yamtuan Muda Raja Ali in Rembau. Raja Ali agreed to send 600 troops to assist British on the attack of Naning. Later in March 1832, British sent a larger force, consisted of 1200 troops, to defeat Dol Said's force. Colonel Herbert led in this assault against Naning. In the second attack, Naning failed to receive military aids from his neighbors. Such failure along with the presence of a huge British expedition forced Dol Said to retreat to Sri Menanti before surrendering himself, effectively ending the war. British then combined Malacca and Naning. Dol said was given a home in Malacca. Till today, Dol Said is still known as a hero in Malaysia. [1]

Dol Said and the people of Naning was betrayed by the Malays of Rembau. The Rembau Malays and their descendants now enjoying the spoils of war and from the blood shed by the people of Naning. The story about the Naning Wars has not been glorified although the Malays had won the First Naning War and the British was the de-facto World Power then.

Some of the old graves there. Looking at the length and width of the graves, it seems that the older generation are all bigger sized than us.

Memorium plaque detailing the history of Dol Said and Nanning.

The tomb.

ENtrance to go up to the tomb.

An even older plaque. The content of both are nearly similar.

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