Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Malacca: Taming Sari Tower

The revolving tower was officially open on 18th April 2008. Located in the heart of historical Malacca, it is hard to missed esp. as the popular district of Bandar Hilir in Jalan Merdeka is nearby to Mahkota Parade Shopping Centre, Dataran Pahlawan Megamal, the Stadyus, St Francis Xavier's Churh, The Ship (forgot what's its actually name).. Hmm.. so just park the car, and enjoy the walk :)

It's height is around 110 metres and on top, you could enjoy 360 degree of beautiful Malacca, including the Staits of Melaka, Eye on Malacca (previously Eye On Malaysia).. even the St. Xavier church, the swimming pool etc etc...

The miniature tower, snapped when we waited for our turn to go up..

The waiting game....

Walking in searching for seats..

Can't wait for the ride to start..

Base of the tower, the machine, engine.. or whatever it called..

Going up...

The nearby swimming pool.. can skodeng as Terengganu people would say :)

The straits of Malacca, can see Eye on Malacca.. I had a ride on the Eye when it was it Taman Tasik Titiwangsa in KL earlier, ok la... feel like a big giant ferris wheel..

The Ship Museum just nearby..

The new portion.. shopping districts.. eateries..

Older portion.. St Xaview's side..

Going down we shpped the Malaccan delights.. souvenior items, t-shirt, cowboys, cincaluk etc etc...

But Kimi is still loyal to Ultraman masks... hahahaha.. boys will be boys :)

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