Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunrise @ Sudara Beach Tok Bali

Hurmm.. Being pregnant this time is a bit of different experiance for me.. Tiredness, keen for fruits, not so passionate about food around nightime.. Even my preference on my screensavers for my BB and desktop changes.

I usually put the pics of my boys on but nowadays I prefer natural views.. For my desktop wallpaper, I use the pic above.

Nice, ain't it? It was taken about a week ago when I had to visit Tok Bali, a beach part of Kelantan near Bachok which is around 45km from Kota Bharu. The sun is a bit lazy rising up nowadays, so when I stepped out from my chalet at Sudara Beach Resort, it was still quite dark.

Then the rosy ray of the awaken sunrise begin to colour the sky. Had a nice time inhaling the fresh seabreeze and feeling of sands on my feet. Peeking about for seashells as well as the cheeky run of baby crabs. Ooo.. Had to say, got a few toddler crabs here as well numerous seashells compared to the other places I've been :)

Around 730 am, when I was walking along the beach, my back against the sun.. I suddenly feel heat. Turning around, this is what I saw. The sun is finally smilling. Snap! Lovely, ain't it :)

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