Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soccer Field in the Making :)

Been gushing a bit too much about my small patch of frangipangi garden, thought I need to share a bit more on the major portion of our garden :P

It is a bit barren currently I have to admit, haha.. Been levelling the ground (hubby did, I just watched.. Being preggies made me lazier nowadays)..

Anyway, we did saw some small shoots of grass peekinng through.. We still need to ensure the surface to be 100% smooth before the field is overgrown with grass to ensure even footing.

There won't be any more trees to plant after this. We purposely left majority of the garden to be flat grass.. Bit like a soccer field haha.. Well, a perfect complement for the concrete driveway that is a perfect place for badminton games :)

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