Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well, ever since I found out that I'm pregnant again, I don't limit myself to food. But today I had to fast, well.. As ladies, we have our monthly menses, so we can't fast the Ramadhan during the period, so I had to reimburse them back.

I paid back 6 days.. So got another 2 days to go and I decided to have it today esp there is the pasar malam (night market) nearby my home tonight.

Well, even though I had sahur (pre dawn meal before fasting), I must say I am flat out. Too tired and sleepy. Double whammy I supposed.. Preggies and fasting.

Anyway, just come back from pasar malam. Spend RM14 all for myself. Not bad eh, RM5 for a Nasi Briyani, RM5 for half kilo of the Temerluh Red Jambu, RM2 for lok ching (fish satay), RM1 for a soybean drink and last but not least RM3 of kropok lekor for myself and the stray kitties..

Wait! That RM16! Well.. Money well spend I say :)

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