Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Malaysian Coins

Well, it is the time of the year that I'm superhectic and have to work weekends and public hols to boot! Anyway, in time like this I had to clear away unwanted contents in my bag (gotta admit I accumulated lotsa garbage in there haha)..

Anyway, when clearing the numerous coins, I discover a few pieces of new Malaysian coins, I remember receiving one a few weeks ago during my shopping at Mydin KT so it must have a few more transaction after that I had the 10 and 20 cents coins too.

Well, they are definitely cuter with their golden colour for the 20 and 50 cents, but I think it would definitely fade in time. But the design is actually nicer. It is definitely smaller as seen in the pic and a tad lighter. Perhaps it would be a good thing so I won't have soo much heaviness in my bag for my next cleanup hehe... :)

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