Friday, July 29, 2011

Asam Keping @ Asam Gelugor

I first actively searchin for the english term of asam gelugor when I did a recipe translation for Nasi Dagang recipe in one of my work project involving Malaysia Kitchen.

I was quite amused when chanced upon a forum discussing assam keping. Apparently there's no english term for assam keping and it is only available in Malaysia and Thailand (with lesser sourness quality).

A pleasent surprised awaited me when I arrived at my mom-in-law kampung. I saw these beauties in the back patio. Apparently mom in law once in a while would buy these asam gelugor fruit fresh, slized them, soak them a while before drying them to make assam keping. Half a sack fredh would cost only RM10 but a processed one would cost RM7 a cupak (about medium size coffee pot).

Interested in getting the asam keping posted to you? Please visit my other blog specifically for buying asam keping:

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