Monday, July 11, 2011

The Four Cousins..

I don't really like going back to hubby's kampung but I can't denied the kids and hubby love the treat.. Why???

1) Hubby's house is actually a sundry shop for the villagers.. So the kids had a fun time getting the candies, snack food and icecreams for free :P
2) They had the nicest river stream for kids.. Shallow and the clearest of water.. A must for every trip :)
3) Hubby loves his mom's cooking .. 'nuff said..
4) Bonds between cousins.. I remember Kimi when small was terrified of Isya (the older girl) cz she would persued him.. Tried to lift him or kissed him.. I remembered that he would cried once he saw her.. But today, they are the best of buddies. I saw the same happening to the younger twos.. Currently each terrorising each other but I bet when they grow up, they'll be inseparatable..

Hmmm.. So seen here is the sand pile at the backyard of the shophouse. My mom in law loves plants so I am eyeing some plants to bring back to our courtyard once the fence is ready. Love the misai kucing plant (herbs good for diabetic) and some decorative plants as well.. Pisang hutang.. Etc. Will feature each of this plant when the time comes :)
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