Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cherangin Hill Janda Baik

Was busy these past week that I didn't have time to post much. However, it is worthy to mention that I have been to Cherangin Hill.

I had passed Janda Baik numerous time since I work at my current job beginning 2003 but hadn't got the chance to explore it. Thruthfully I thought it was a small town besides the highway. Was pleasently surprised to see that Janda Baik was quite big with many chalets offering village holiday experiance. Some had streams just next to their chalets.

Our stay is on top of the hill. No natural stream there but the pool is quite nice. The hotel is still new and I can see that it is fully occupied. When we came, we have to wait for people to check out. Same when we left, some people had to wait for us to check out. The food is nice with some kampung offerings such as siput sedut.

The teambuilding is great too.. Light syllibus with us getting the experiance of playing with many types of the musical instrument. Apart from the incident of the t-shirt which I am still chuffed, it was a two thumbs up programme :)
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