Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oren Bodo.. Stupid Orange??? :)

Yesterday, I had an impromtu factory visit to one of the most famous and succesful kropok (fish crackers) supplier in Bachok, Kelantan - Mak Wan.

I was very excited when spotted around the keropok, these priceless treasures - oren bodo. I remembered that these carbonated drinks were the treats I look forward to when I went back to my cousins' kampung in Kuala Krai.. I think the last time I took a sip was when I was around 11 or twelve.. Which is about 25 years ago.. Yikess!!!

But I am very glad I found these and had several glasses of them to sooth my parched throats. Yes, the bottles are a bit different (previously it was dark) but the taste still remain. Yummmmmmyyyyyyy!!!

Anyway, happy Ramadhan to all muslim friends out there. Hope we all are blessed during this holy month :)

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