Saturday, June 2, 2012

Concorde Inn KLIA

Well, as I need to fly out early in the morning, decided to stay in one of the KLIA hotels. As Pan Pacific has restriction of stay in time.. First 6 hours a fixed rate and then hourly, I decided to stay at Concorde Inn KLIA as it boost its location as 3 mins away by shuttle.

My fault is that I didn't booked early which would entitled me to a cheaper rate around RM190 (around RM6 more than my govt rate allocation).. Booked around 4 days before gives me a rate of RM245.

Concorde Inn KLIA is a kinda motel like.. Just 1 storey to facilitate travellers wheeling their baggage. However, it was very well kept, groom and clean. My room is ok in size, had lots of different tv channel to surf as well as well satisfying showers for me to wash my tiredness away. Their toiletries is a bit masculine in design.. Black and white simple design with different numbering for each type.

I have to say I am very well satisfied with their buffet spread.. Western till Eastern, its all there. Even the nasi lemak is authentic with the sambal spiciness makes me hiccup ... haha.. I can alway measure that there is more than enough chillies in a dish when I start hiccupping :P

Reading other reviews, I saw that some mention excellent gym and pool facilities.. Haven't used them so I can say anything but I would definitely stay in Concorde the next time I have an early flight like this again :)

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