Saturday, June 30, 2012

What to Buy in Taiwan :)

Thought I'll jot down a few pointers before my recent Taiwanese training trip fled outta my mind. Been busy but this morning got a few mins to space waiting for the boss from HQ to come down from his Renaissance KB stay...

As I'm jotting this from my BB can't post much but I think a pic can tell a thousand words :)

Ok straight to the point.. Taiwan is of course famous for its night market.. As my schedule was tight, I only managed to visit Shilin, Wufenpu and Raohe. Wufenpu and Raohe is quite near to each other and their MRT services is superb. You can go to all the available night markets as well as attractions such as the Taiwan zoo, Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yat Sen memorial hall. Just buy an initial card worth if I am not mistaken around RM300 or NTD3000 and you are set to go. Even within the MRT stops, there are usually shops for example the main central, you can even buy sim cards and hp cover. My friend bought a local sim and got a hp cover as as gift! How about that for something different :)

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