Thursday, March 28, 2013

Testing Out My Old New Slow Cooker

A brief history about my slow cooker.. Got it when my 2nd is just a baby, around 4 years ago. Thought of cooking moi or rice porridge for him using it, but never did haha.. He already love the nestum cereal. Thank god that I got it by redeeming my Maybank Treatspoint so, don't feel the loss at all :P

Well, my youngest Hannah is an eater as well. She loves porridge so I gotta brush up the cooker so today is the day. As its the first time, just boil plain rice with water, just to try out. Its a simple machine, just plain on and off button, so need to experiment a bit. Read that some had high or low button on it that would cook as fast as two hours or eight hours on it.

Think mine is the superslow one. Perhaps my moi would take 8 hours. Gotta buy some potato and carrots too, just to give extra taste to the baby. Need to find out about some mini blender to.. Found out some like Phillips cost around RM 250+.. Need to find cheaper alternative lah.

Also found put some other use for the cooker such as heater for kuah or soups for the laksa during event such as Hari Raya etc as well as scrumptious beef stew. Have to experiment soon :)

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