Friday, March 8, 2013

Testing My New Samsung Tab

Am testing my tab capability for me to blog. Well, think my Haikal is treating it as his. That's his face the morning he discovered my new tab hehe....

So, my likes and dislikes on the samsung tab:-

1. Definitely a just nife size for me to read during my frequent road journey
2. Lots of aps... definitely games for the kids, quran and journals for ke once I start  my phd..
3. Think putting in pics for the blog would be easier..
4. Can disguised itself as a notebook.. not too bulky or look like a phone from the first glance....

1. Also the size ... a bit embarrased answering phonecall with it.. like talking to a book haha.. definitely need to invest in a bluetooth headst ;p
2. Lots of typo...
3. 3g reception worst that my BB in my Kerteh home.

Overall, I am well satisfied. Though the day I bought my tab, the new Samsung Brand is just out, but I think the 7 inch tab would suit me better. Just the perfect novel size for me, not too big or small...

Hope to pen more hotel review after this, with better and more pics definitely.

So, now its the 3rd phone for this blog... my beloved N70, the trusty Blackberry Bold.... and finally Samsung Tab :)

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