Sunday, March 3, 2013

Express Trip to Batam

Since we were already in JB, its kinda a shame if we didn't jump on a quick sojourn to Batam. Hubby is hankering for a full body massage after hard day work and me joining in the ride too! Was quite bz these past few weeks, and loads more coming sooo...

We left the kiddies and mom at the Bayu Marina Resort and went to the jetty terminal at Stualang Laut - 15 mins away.

Thank god, we managed to captured the next trip at 9.30. We don't want to bother so just bought a return ticker for the last trip back at 7.45 Batam time. Think both cost around RM120. However, we need to valided the ticket at Batam ferry for additional Rp 110k each if I am not mistaken. Haha.. I estimated the value cz hubby is paying, so I don't know the exact value :P ..

About 2 hrs later (is it? Trip back we got in about 8.15), we arrived at Bandung. Bought a taxi ticket to Nagoya shopping at Rp40k.. Bought some clothes, then.. Spa time!

We went to Secret Spa just in front of Nagoya entrance. We go for the full Balinese package and both went poorer for Rp 560k each (around RM350 for the both of us).. Wow! Love it! 2.5 hours we came out fully rejuvenated.

Finished at around 4, we went back to Matahari for shopping. I rue the decision. Not many things are there, didn't buy a lot except a zipped wallet ordered by my brother (Rp 100k.. Think they murdered us there). Shouldve stick to Nagoya!

Well, anyway.. It is a very fruitfull and well worth trip. Would love to go there again, but hubby was aiming Bangkok next. Wow! I loikeee :)

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