Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I Love About Ramadhan

Ramadhan is now on its 3rd day, another 27 to go. Some might dread its arrival judging from the number of gastratic cases (favourite excuse of not fasting but I really love Ramadhan). Here are some of the reasons why:-

1) Work is less busy (I was soo very busy nowadays handling the 3 states under my care).. So I sort of can look around a little and smell the roses :)

2) I can diet. Actually Ramadhan is a reminder that you could refrain from eating and you are actually healthier for it. For me, being around entreprenuers on the east coast whom consist prodimently of food & beverages.. Food come easy. After Ramadhan I always thought I would start puasa sunat on Monday and Thursday but business and temptation of available food dash my hope for that.

3) It is said that the devils are locked up during the month of Ramadhan so you have less temptation from the devils. Therefore, I should be able to refrain from doing bad things such as gossiping about untrue things, skip my prayers and such.

4) Ramadhan is also a good point to increase your good points for the afterlife especially during the terawih prayer.. Also you are encouraged the read the Quran, the Muslim holy book til the end. Even giving your neighbours the extra food earns brownies points.

5) Availability of variety of food during bazar Ramadhan - special food markets offering breaking fast food items are mushrooming everywhere and food item be it traditional to modern is everywhere. Also beverages (the most imported as for me, being parched is more serious that the hunger) are numerous and multicolour.

6) Fireworks.. Kids are most happy as well as moms and dads. Nowadays, police has ensure that no harmful fireworks are available unlike my childhood day longgggggg ago. But it is a good things as not many cases of children losing hands or eyesights due to harmful fireworks as before. But kids are creative especially the kampung kids who love to build the meriam buloh or bamboo canon - a device made of bamboo.. Put some carbide concotion in it.. Light it up and BOOM! Still heard it last night .. Very loud and for me, ANNOYING!

7) The Raya shopping.. Well, thruthfully, I neglected to even order myself a baju kurung (traditional Malay dress for ladies) these year, but maybe I'll buy one ready made. Still being a mom, providing for my two boys are more imported. Kids enjoy more the Raya preparation with the new cloths and angpow packets (containing money).

8) The Raya itself! Well, after fasting for a month.. Feasting on hari Raya or Eidul Fitri with many yummy dishes available is a MUST! Think the majority of Malaysian would gain back their shed kilos during the first 3 Syawal (aka the Raya month) which usually due to eating the food at home and near families while the last 27 days of the Syawal month visiting the rumah terbuka (open houses) of friends and corporate sectors. Usually we will have free lunches during the whole month!


Actually, there are still many things to add such as making the Raya cookies.. Preparing the house for Raya.. Malam 7 likur when you would light the pelita.. But I wouldn't stop if I wrote all that :)

So.. Happy Ramadhan everyone!

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