Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At KLIA.. Off to London at 2345 :)

Well, had arrived in KLIA since 515.. And been hanging around since then.. What to do la.. Have to wait for the HQ delegates to come as well as definitely loads of things to bring over to London.. They are expected to be here around 930 so till then I supposed I have to hang around till then...

Hurmm.. Well, I have deleted all extra pics and smses on my phones.. That took me around 1 hour.. Was searching for UK currency but they just ran out.. What to do lah... Have to wait around 8 for a new batch of currency to come in..

Anyway.. All things are tiptop.. I just haven't gotten thru making my office line to roam.. Hope they can do it even after I'm off overseas..

Also my friend from Italy asked me to come visit her.. I dunno.. Do I want to.. Well, I am keeping my option open at the moment.. But I think I am more keen to come back to KT than visiting Milan hahaha but you never know right :P

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