Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cheap Winter Clothing from China :)

Well, tomorrow is my trip to UK and thank god, my two articles of winter clothing has arrived...

You know Malaysian and our hot weather - we are terrified of cold weather such as in UK though I heard that it is currently spring - so not so cold haha.. Well, think better be prepared right?! :)

So, I just do my shopping online for hard to find stuffs.. Here I got my long johns from - complete with post @ RM41.. Then googling I found one blog shop perfect winter and this nice winter jacket at RM185.. Ok la.. Cz I know if I go to flagship store, it would usually be RM500 above.. Hehe..

Anyway, while I was window shopping at Pasaraya Ku ( a chain of cheap clothing from China prevalent in Malaysia ) .. I chance upon another winter jacket - this time water repellant.. What's the price??? RM41.90... Wow! Too bad I have paid the online one, still bought it as it is cheap! Besides, still can give it to hubby when we're off on holiday to a cold climate country (hopefully soon)!

Haha.. What I can say, that all of these are China made. Well, as consumers, bet we all wanted cheap prices, besides for just a week trip, spending RM 268 is better option than thousands. Besides, I can use the excess budget for SHOPPING there! Maybe some good leather goods with branding! Oh, an an electric car for the boys - just saw a few at Kota Bharu.. RM350 only! Wow!
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nurul afzan said...

Where was the location for Pasaraya Ku at johor?


ojah said...

boleh check sini yek..