Wednesday, September 21, 2011

London Day 1

Today as my second day at London.. Still using my Malaysia time as I had awaken since 3+ am.. (That would be around 10 am in Msia) and can't sleep at all after that..

London weather was nice yesterday.. Sunny and the temp was around 19 c.. So not so bad going around with the light business suit.. At night, it was different - cold (for a Msian newly at London I supposed)..

I'm here for work purpose actually - for Malaysia Kitchen Trafalgar London 2011 which would be on tomorrow, 23 Sept 2011.. So as part of the tour, we also do rounds visiting Malaysia restaurants.. As it was an official thing, we would be very privelidge as we would meet the owner themselves!

So, after flying in at Heathrow (LHR - haha Heathrow Airport abbreviation.. When I first saw it in the flight monitor, I mistakenly thought it as Lahore, Pakistan hahahaha)...

We arrived around 5.30 am after 12.30 hours flight (what a long flight).. And at the gate meet with our TC.. A very hardworking and friendly guy - really suitable for his current post..

A quick stop at Tistle Hyde Park where we will stay for the next 6 days.. At noon we went to our London office for a brief..

Then lunchtime at TukDin's.. Wow! Very nice Malaysia food - Gulai Daging Salai, Telur Sambal, Ikan Bakar and asam for dip (they put in Bunga Kantan or Laksa Flower there - and the taste is awesome).. Have to say that they had adapted the recipe a bit to suit the blander Londoner taste, but very tasty! I enjoy their food and I was told that the Sultan of Brunei and some Malaysia royalty also enjoy their food.. No wonder! I totally agree with them.

Then for dinner, we went to Melati downtown. Well, I must say I kept my eyes open as they are some light red ligjt district there.. Haha wonder if I can go in one during my time here. We met their young lawyer owners whom are really friendly and full of insights on way to make Malaysia Kitchen better.. We enjoyed their Assam Pedas Ikan, Shrimp sambal with Petai, Daging dendeng, Tom Yam soup and finished with Bubur Pulut Hitam. Thruthfully, their food is nice but nearing 9 pm or around 4 Malaysian time, we were falling asleep on our delicious food :P

I observed that their restaurant enjoy quite a good patronage perhap because of their strategic location. It was gratifying to see the faces of Londoners enjoying their Malaysian food.. I was feeling pride when told that Malaysian food is currently the rage as celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and some others have endorsed Malaysian food.. Even the best soap drama here Coronation Street mention in some of their dialog that they are off to enjoy some Malaysian dinner and wanting to go holiday in Malaysia! Wow!

Well, if you happen to be in London now, be it Malaysian or London.. Come visit us at Malaysia Kitchen Trafalgar tomorrow.. There would be special presentation from my state, Terengganu - Nasi Dagang (glutinious rice with fish curry and veggie acar salad), keropok lekor (fish sausage) that is a must snack for Malaysia and Terengganu traditional dance performace and wayang kulit (shadow puppet to boot!)..

I'll be around as well eating my way tru Malaysian delight.. Satay, Teh Tarik, mee mamak, assam laksa, well, the list is endless.. I will never go hungry for Malaysia food during my time here :)

More info, please visit Malaysia Kitchen London website.. They are also on Facebook! See you there!!

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