Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Terengganu Airport..

Well, I am on my first leg of my journey to Trafalgar.. Where else? Terengganu Airport definitely. My flight is at 415 so I got at least 20 mins to kill time at the airport...

Brought myself a handluggage containing souveniors for the London staffs.. Mini Songket Teddy keychain.. Definitely a novelty item as I can't see them anywhere as yet..

Got also as my onboard item.. My big bag and a box of Kak Yah's keropok keping.. She is silent on the value.. Making me wonder if she's giving them free??

Hurmm.. So arriving in KL at 5.. And my next flight is around midnight.. 6 hours to kill.. Can't check in early as I need to help carry stuffs from HQ.. Ooohhh.. My two baggage is only 18.8 kg so got around 11kg to spare..

What else.. At KLIA I need to do a few thing..
1) Get a book or magazine to read
2) Get a charger for my BB.. Don't think I'll activate roaming..
3) Change my outgoing flight ticket to a later one..

Hurrmmm.. Well definitely feeling surreal.. Can't believe I'm going to UK as yet heheheheh :)

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