Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sardines in Tomato Sauce - My Favourite Meal :)

I love sardines since I was a child. It is one dish I always cook when I'm here during weekdays at Bukit Payung. I prefer to eat it with bread as opposed to rice. I think they go together better.

Hmmm.. Cooking sardines is easy and quick. Need to prepare the ingredient first so that you can toss them together quickly. I am a bit of a lazy cook so for a big 425 gram can of sardines in tomato sauce.. I use 3 cloves of garlic (I love garlic).. 1 small onions for the initial aroma and 1 extra large big onions to add at the end (I love onions too).. Oh.. And around 2-3 asam keping to add sourness and some cili api (bird chilli) for the extra heat - haha I just pick them from my garden.

First just saute the garlic and small onion until it brown.. Put in the asam keping.. Stir them around a bit.. Put in the sardines.. Some extra water.. Wait a minute till it boiled.. Add on the chilli and lastly the big onion. I love my onions a bit crunchy so I just shut off the fire at this point.

Yumm yummm.. Have to say.. That the smell make me salivate.. And I am fasting today for the special fast of Syawal - hahaha just to extend my diet actually :P

Hmm.. Hubby don't like sardines, the same goes to Kimi, my eldest who only love egg, egg and more eggs.

But I think Haikal is following my footstep.. Had observed him dipping bread in my sardins with much concentration and delight :D

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