Sunday, September 11, 2011

Going to Trafalgar?

Hehe I might be going to London next week.. I said might cz I haven't received anything concrete yet except for an approval memo..

Well.. I must say that I am really excited on this haha.. Well, not everyday I've been given chances to go overseas.. I supposed I'm not furtunate in that regards..

If I'm able to go.. I suppose I only have Japan as my must have destination left.. For other country, I am not so excited.. I supposed having the cheap Air Asia fare is a factor..

Anyway.. Currently I am also shopping for my winter thing.. A jacket and long john. That's it. I supposed for the others, I can buy them in London if needed. Maybe I just need to stock up on socks..

Hmmm.. Well, before that I'll be very busy doing my job.. Thinking of having a holiday after that!
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