Monday, July 2, 2012

Durian Cravings

I live nearby a village in Bukit Payung, Marang, Terengganu so if I just drive a bit further from my house, I would saw people selling fruits in seasons by the roadside..

This time it's durians. Been eyeing for them since several weeks but only today when I finished my maternity check up, I saw them alongside the road.

See them there.. Haha forgive me the nostalgic sepia tones, only discovered it earlier in the morning during my boredness hour waiting for my appointment.. Haven't been able to switch the color back on for the durians :P

Anyway, a longgok there of 5 durians costs RM20.. I live alone in my weekend home so I just bought 2 for RM10..

Asked the guy to open up for me.. One is still young.. Aka not fully ripen.. Perhaps need to wait a nite or two.. But the other one.. Wowoweee... Yummy.. Ripen.. A bit runny.. But smackingly tasteful durian kampung (village durians).. Custardly.. Sweetly sticking yummy yummy..

Hurmmmmmm :)

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