Monday, April 22, 2013

Candy Crush Saga - My Current Addiction

Hurmmm.. that's why I dont like it when my hands start itching to play games... but I am a sucker for tye kind of games that involves lining up pretty coloured things, with cute ditty and explosive when I got things right. That's why I was addicted to Bejeweled Blitz before.

As it seems that Candy Crush started to crop up everywhere (its even in Psy's new video Gentlemen".. i downloaded it and then got stuck with it. Now at level 70 and nowhere near the end heheh ;p

The game is free to download, however you only get max 5 lifes and if you losses, you either wait for it to be replenish (arond 30 mins) perlife, ask you friend for free lifes via fb requests pay up (around $1.99) which for Malaysian around RM6 and therefore quite steep.

So, i prefer to wait out. It kinda god cz i am forced to do other things while waiting tho it gt frustrating sometimes.

The games itself depends, some would be quite easy to do, but some esp those at the end of each level is quite difficult as you woild have limitations.. either no of moves, taks (claering up jelliesnor getting ingredients to the botom), or even marks in specified times. I particularly hate the chocholate which would multiple very quickly and makes things bit more difficult.

Hahaha.. yeahh i am addicted all righttt ;p

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