Monday, April 29, 2013

La Hot Spring, Jerteh, Terengganu

* This was written around a month ago, only gotta time to update and upload today. Kinda enjoy La Hot Spring :) ...


Gotta be in KB again today for work, in fact I am currently in Renaissance KB waiting for big boss and invitees to this dialog and dinner session.

Anyway, as I thought this week would be an unbusy week, I had bought my mom and 2nd son, Haikal to stay with me. When the directive come, I thought why not bring them along for holiday.

Since I have been stationed in KT for 5 years, I had been eyeing La Hot Spring signboard countless time on my way to and fro Terengganu and Kelantan. Thank god, today my curiosity is assuaged. I entered from Jabi point (also a place popular with Sate Jabi). And La Hot Spring is 30 km away, about 10 km before that is Lata Tembakah.. Another tourist spot - more like waterfall and small river type of thingy.


Bit blurry pic of the welcome sign there. If you squint, can still read it, I supposed :)

The road to La is surprisingly in good condition. As today is Wednesday, its not surprising that we are the only one there. It was a bit neglected, esp with construction going on. We found out later that there would be new rows of chalet and shoplots replacing the wooden shoplots previously located there.

On the furthest point is the main entrance. On the left would be the new rooms for accomodations. The spring is just right behind me. There are souvenir shops esp. balloon bathing thingy .. there's also around 2 shops selling food, but not much selection aka just Maggie mee for a hot meal, but their iced milo aint bad :)

I must say the small river in front of the hot spring area is very clean, wade height and very clean white sands, its ideal for small children to enjoy themselves while the adults enjoy the heatlh benefit of the hot spring. The stream is around below knee level so it would not be dangerous for small kiddies.

After the bridge, there are several huts each particitioned into 4 sections for people to soak their feet or whole body in. During our visit, only one was filled up. Apparently around working days, there are any visitors, like during that day is was only us, the caretaker did say around weekends and public holidays, you would not have the easy peasy calm time like today.

The individual pools, or during weekend, the foot spa cz too many people would be around haha..

This is actually the main pool. Small ain't it. What's special about La Hot Spring is the hot water is derived from the rock at the left of the picture there. Have to say it is very hot. I have been to Baling and Trolak for their hot spring, and I can dip my legs in. Here I cant. My mom can tho. She had a bit of cramped leg conditions.. and she really enjoyed the dipping telling me that she can feel the soothingness of the hot water. We had quite a long chat with the caretaker there. She was a resident nearby too. Apparently she had a heart condition and upon hearing recommendation started to use La... bathing in in for a few hours and drinking the main water. She said after a few months she was healed. It was apparently also good for those whom are paralysed. She said some Chinese from Terengganu would come weekly with big barrels of containers to get the source water, which will then be used for drinking and cooking.

View from opposite the rock. Yep, during workdays you would have the pool all by yourself, but during weekends, all spots would be filled... also on the rocks itself. The caretaker also said, it would be nicer to take a dip at night. If there are visitors, they would light the spotlight on. People would usually take midnight dips there.

Hmmm.. and now come the mysterios part.. apparently the place is also inhibited by bunians, the invisible communities that usually does exist among us. Bunians are usually friendly unless we do something bad. If you like, you could try the alternative medicines by the bunians... it is usually on Tuesday, and you have to check with the main caretaker first. However, this depend wheather you are deemed worthy for the treatments or else, the session will not take place. Weeweoooo... feel like I am living in XFiles here.

In a nutshell, La Hot Spring is interesting. Am leaving the brochure for you to ogle too. The rate is quite cheap aint it, but do not expect much. It is not that well kept. Perhaps when the new rooms under construction now, when finished would be better. However, it is cheap. But better to book first esp on weekends and PHs, it would be full. Be prepared to take the dip at night / midnight / early morning as during the day on weekend, it would be very full. Perhaps also bring the small portable stove to cook rice and simple fried fish as the stalls here doesn't provide much. Oooo.. the electricity aint that reliable too. So, ensure you hp is fully recharged.

That's it. Well, haven't been writing this comprehensive for a long time (been super busy too) but La does interest me. Need to go there again someday as mom is hankering for a long hot dip. Enjoy!


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