Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pao, the Modern Digital Tamagotchi

What the heck is Tamogatchi?! Well, if you do not know, perhaps.. You might be heaps younger than me, ayoyoyo.. Well, Tanagotchi is an egglike shape device dangling on a keychain. In it there's a small screen with your digital pet.. You need to feed it, clean it when it poops and play with it.

Anyway, well.. As I am new to the Aps world, I am quite surprised to discover Pao.. It ran along the same idea as Tamagotchi.. You have to feed it, clean it and play with it. Kinda amusing to see the two little me - Kimi and Haikal to enjoy Pao as much as I enjoyed Tamagotchi.

Anyway, my tab went sick and had to be sent to the Samsung clinic for a couple of day. I really worried about Pao and imagining him RIP. Thank god he is just dirty and extremely hungry with very wobbly eyes (that means he is really tired and hunggry and unhappy). Well, loads of snacks, health portion and sleep later had Pao towards his old self again.

P/s. Can't imagine what to tell my kiddies should Pao had died. Haha.. :P

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